Our Dream is to give you the gift of Wellness. Wellness that you can share with your loved ones, whenever you like, whether summer or winter, day or night. Wellness that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, in whichever room you prefer, on the terrace or perhaps even in the garden. Wellness with a surprising Design characterised by exclusive finishes and accessories that perfectly blend into your home. The Dream comes true with the DIVINA OUTDOOR SPA Collection.

The Benefits of Wellness

The Whirlpool hydromassage technology allows a selection of different operating modes. It effectively relieves the lower and upper back areas, buttocks and thighs, calves and feet. The hydromassage stimulates blood circulation, relaxing all body muscles and encouraging total mental and physical well-being.


The Whirlpool Jets positioned on the walls of the tub have a thin profile, soft-touch effect and are easy to clean. They are featured in different sizes with different air/water mixture delivery modes, all with an adjustable flow rate. They work on the body with an energising and revitalising massage, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems with a lymphatic draining and vasodilating effect.

Energetic Double Hydromassage Energetic Double Hydromassage
Energetic Multi-Hydromassage Energetic Multi-Hydromassage
Enveloping Double Hydromassage Enveloping Double Hydromassage
Enveloping Single Hydromassage Enveloping Single Hydromassage
Localised Adjustable Hydromassage Localised Adjustable Hydromassage
Localised Adjustable Hydromassage Localised Adjustable Hydromassage
Localised Hydromassage Localised Hydromassage
Augmented reality
Frame your Divina and place it in your spaces or in your garden, with augmented reality.